SK - Teamwork, Globality, Business Intelligence, 패기/열정, 조직가치, 패기/열정


Work smoothly through Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination with people related.

Carry out global business by using global adaptability and foreign language skills.
Business Intelligence
Make wise decision based on business knowledge,
analytical skills, logic and Strategic thinking.

Organization value
Equate one’s interest with that of the organization, be dedicated to the Organization and use organizational Value as a criteria for one’s work.
Paegi / Passion

Work seamlessly and thoroughly with positive thinking and determination.


Overall review

Employees are the drivers of management activities, and they are a company’s most important asset. Therefore, we
systematically develop and nurture our employees’ capabilities, and we offer them diverse opportunities for personal growth so that their value as individuals is maximized.

The working environment at SK Ship Management allows employees to put their talents to full use voluntarily and willingly. They are compensated on the basis of their capabilities and performance so that they can realize their full potential. In the process, the company and the employees advance together.

SK B&T HR Management System

인력관리 System 이미지

SK B&T Evaluation

The SK B&T employee evaluation program involves the following processes to ensure fairness and two-way communication. Employees are thus provided with environment in which they can work voluntarily and willingly.

SK B&T Annual Evaluation Process

연 단위 평가 process 이미지

Financial rewards

SK B&T has implemented a rational salary system that compensates each employee fairly according to work skills, attitude and performance so that they may be highly self-motivated. Salaries are differentiated depending upon individual capabilities and performances, and each year an incentive bonus is paid that corresponds to the performance of each team and/or individual. Our compensation system has proven highly effective as our retention rate of employees is 100% and our growth rate has been steady.
Employee welfare
SK B&T provides a reasonable and competitive employee welfare system that encompasses all the necessary needs and concerns of our employees to enable them to achieve a secure work and family life and be motivated and satisfied with their work.
  • Housing assistance housing purchase/rent financing
  • Health management medical checkup, health insurance, meal allowance, health drinks, vaccination, etc.
  • Leave system annual leave, long-term service leave, health leave, maternity leave, congratulatory/condolence leave, special leave, etc.
  • School tuition allowance kindergarten, elementary/middle/high school/university admission fees and tuition allowances for children of executives/employees
  • Hobby/leisure support in-house recreational facility, condominium, in-house gym, support for hobby clubs
  • Insurance and others occupational accident compensation insurance, employment insurance, car fuel allowance, congratulatory/condolence allowance and wreathes, in-house mutual aid society, retirement insurance

*The employee welfare system in the above is applicable to employees based in Korea; employees stationed overseas may be subject to a different welfare system depending upon local circumstances. For more information, contact your recruiter.

Non-financial rewards

SK B&T promotes employees immensely depending on their capability and performance.
Other non-financial rewards
aside from the promotion system, SK B&T offers a variety of motivation incentives to keep employees highly self-motivated.

In-house & 3rd party education and training

Overseas training system
  • MBA, shipping MBA course employees who demonstrate excellent capability/performance are sent to attend MBA courses of prestigious graduate schools in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan to learn advanced management knowledge as a candidate to be a global leader.
  • Global Manager training course excellent leaders are sent to specialized management courses of universities in the U.S. and China to learn advanced management knowledge.
  • Job expert course employees are sent to global 3rd party training institutes or leading corporations to learn and develop advanced knowledge and insights at the global level for the applicable jobs that they are responsible for.
  • Regional expert course employees are sent to foreign countries tied to the business strategy to master local language proficiency and develop hands-on understanding of local politics, economics, society and culture as resources for local business initiatives of the future.
Domestic graduate school courses
To produce excellent managers and experts, employees are sent to graduate school of management or other expert domains (law, finance, accounting, HRM, etc.) of top-class universities of Korea to learn the latest management methodologies.

*HR Development programs (as above) are applicable to employees based in Korea; employees stationed overseas may be subject to a different HR Development system, depending on local circumstances. For more information, contact your recruiter.

Onboard training
To improve their understanding of ships as a shipping industry member, employees are sent to ships managed by SK B&T to work with seamen for about 10 days to learn about ship architecture and navigation, and improve mutual understanding between land-based employees and seamen.
Foreign language education
As foreign language proficiency is essential for global business, a variety of in-house and 3rd party language courses are offered at various levels to enable employees to master foreign languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese required for business operation.

Transfer management
Regular transfer
Through the regular transfer system, employees are allowed to select and develop a career path better aligned with their aptitudes and capabilities.
Ad-hoc transfer
Aside from regular transfers, candidates for managers and executives who will lead SK B&T in the future are managed via strategic ad-hoc transfer opportunities.