Dear customers and business partners,
Starting the ocean bunkering service which supplies quality fuel oil to the deep-sea fishing vessels in the South Pacific Ocean in 1987, SK B&T has successfully expanded its service to the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Our 28 years of remarkable experiences and accumulated capabilities in the bunkering industry enabled us to be a world-best leader and the only physical supplier that covers the entire fishing ground in the world.

SK B&T has built up its core competencies such as bunkering tanker operation, outstanding risk management and well-trained staffs with more than 10 years of experience. Furthermore, our financial strength, long-term presence, and prominent reputation as a member of SK Group, give us a strong and stable relationship with premium customers around the world.

Today, our global staffs, comprised of local professionals, always do their best to provide innovative bunkering solutions not only for the fishing vessels but also for customers under challenging environments due to the lack of infrastructure like E&P facilities.

We understand that the bunkering market of today is significantly changing due to the volatile market circumstances and tightened regulations. However, we, SK B&T, will put in our utmost effort and passion into our exceptional value to keep our promise, "the happiness of all of our stakeholders".

SK B&T brings you years of expertise and the utmost satisfaction! Put our "Wings of Happiness" to work for you!

Thank you.



SK B&T provides high-quality fuel oil, various products and services for shipping vessels operating in the open ocean for a long time, merchant vessels transporting various supplies, facilities for developing marine resources and ships for supplementary services, and island states.

Since we began to sell fuel oil in the South Pacific Ocean in 1987, based on our customers trust in our management principles focused on quality products, correct amounts and timely supply, we have continued to expand our service areas, and now we have more than 20 tankers in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and we are building sales networks on all continents to reinforce our customer service.


최고 수준의 역량 및 Proactiveness를 가진 구성원 SK B &T 일원으로서 자부심
탁월한 Biz 성과와 Added Value를 바탕으로Exceptional한 수준의 Value를 지속적으로 창출하여 이해관계자로부터 무한한 신뢰를 받는 SUPEX Company
Great Bunkering Company
(해상과 육상에서)관련 사업에서 세계 최고의 경쟁력 확보
Super Excellent / People & Culture
남들이 쉽게 모방할 수 없는, SK B&T 고유의 Added Value 6 Values + Proactiveness / One & Freedom


Since we started out as an ocean bunkering business in1987, we have grown stably by continuously creating Customer Value, and spun off as an independent corporation in August 2012 to increase our value by reinforcing our primary competitiveness.




Introduction of Ethical Management

Ethical management refers to honest and transparent management activities performed by corporate enterprises as part of a national economy and community, not only to achieve their fundamental commercial objective, but also adhere to laws and social norms, and earn the trust of their stakeholders.

SK B&T recognizes that ethical management is one of the most important tools in business management. By helping all SK Ship Management people understand and embody the value of ethical management, SK Ship Management will take the lead in creating an ideal community for its stakeholders and, ultimately, the entire community.

Moreover, SK B&T  recognizes ethical management, along with the SKMS(SK Management System), as the foundation of strong corporate culture. With the support of its customers, shareholders, partners and SK people, SK B&T will endeavor to even further improve its ethical management and SKMS for the continuous contribution to the happiness of the community .

Principles of Ethical Management

Responsibilities for customers
  • Customers are the foundation of our existence
  • Achieving excellence in customer satisfaction
Responsibilities for shareholders
  • Maximizing shareholder value
  • Reporting correct management information
Compliance and fair competition
  • Complying with laws and regulations and respecting general business practices
  • Respecting free market order and free competition
Fair transaction with Business Partner(BPs)
  • Respecting fair and transparent processes
  • Not engaging in improper transaction or not receiving inappropriate treatment
Responsibilities for the state and the community
  • Faithfully fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a good corporate citizen
  • No engagement in politics
Responsibilities for employees
  • Cultivation of creative HR talent
  • Fair and proper evaluation and reward
Work ethics for employees
  • Establishing right values based on integrity and diligence
  • Establishing correct sense of value
  • Fair execution of work


Definition of SK Group

'SK Group is a 'network' of enterprises that shares not only the direct investment/equity relationship, but also the corporate culture and brand of SK Group consists of a total of 94* affiliates.

SK Group consists of a total of 94* affiliates.